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Master Italia, a quarter century of success

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  • PAGINE: 208
  • FORMATO: 16x24 cm
  • LINGUA: Inglese
  • PRIMA EDIZIONE: ottobre 2022
  • ISBN: 9788869580369
  • COLLANA: Fuori Collana
18.00   Nuova Dimensione

Gianni Pasin, a successful Veneto businessman, tells the story of his adventurous life and career. It is the account of a bold, unconventional life. Pasin never wanted a permanent desk job and his horizons have always encompassed the whole world. A modern pioneer, he opened up commercialopportunities in countries as far flung as Niger and Eritrea, the Arab Emirates and Australia, Bangladesh and India, post-Mao China and Fidel Castro’s Cuba, and has always viewed work as a means for exploring different cultures and immersing himself in the customs and traditions of other peoples. The idea of setting up Master Italia – a European leader in cap sales – was the masterpiece of his career, a journey that has enriched his life with fantastic experiences and great achievements. Pasin’s desire to convey a message of hope to future generations has now prompted him to espouse a new cause: sustainability. The world, of which he has seen both the beauty and the darker sides, is very fragile. We all have a duty to change our lifestyle, and Master Italia, which in the meantime has passed into the hands of his nephew Alessandro Colle Tiz, is rising to Gianni Pasin’s new challenge.

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