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Antonio Silvio Calò e Silke Wallenburg

It can be done

Small scale hosting of refugees across Europe

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  • FORMATO: 14x21 cm
  • LINGUA: Inglese
  • RILEGATURA: cover with flaps
  • PRIMA EDIZIONE: october 2021
  • ISBN: 9788869580291
  • COLLANA: Frecce
15.00   Nuova Dimensione

Foreword by David Sassoli

Afterword by Romano Prodi

Professor Antonio Silvio Calò welcomed six refugees into his home. African boys who now speak Italian well, who have permanent jobs and a house of their own. “My wife and I, and our four children are ordinary people. If we can do it, the state and communities can do it as well.” The European Parliament elected him European Citizen of the year 2018. Starting from his experience, Calò has developed a hospitality model that some communities in six European countries are implementing
with funding from the European Commission. To the Dutch journalist Silke Wallenburg, with whom he shared his story and his innovative ideas, he said: “Let others judge me.” And so, in this book, many people enter into a constructive dialogue with him, from refugee to European politician, from entrepreneur to editor-in-chief, from right to left.

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